Welcome Back (to School) – How AARBF helped one family get right back into the swing of things


My name is Jennifer and I am the mother of Elise, a recent burn survivor.  On December 24, 2012 we had a horrible accident in our home resulting in my baby girl getting burned on the right side of her face, arm and upper back.  At only 8 years old she has endured (in my opinion) more than her fair share of pain.  This, by far has been the hardest struggle of our lives.  Not to mention how terrified I was for my daughter to return to school…all the questions and stares.  Recently, I met with a wonderful young woman named Bonita who works in the Central California Office of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Speaking with her I learned that she would help re-introduce Elise back to her class as the “NEW ELISE”, by gaining the other children’s compassion while they were yearning to know “what happened?” I was thrilled.  Bonita did a terrific job answering everyone’s questions and still keeping Elise’s comfort in mind.  I especially enjoyed the knowledge that she gave the children about Fire Safety and what to do in case of an emergency.  The “Dragon Tales” story told about a little dragon that got burned and described the details of what burn survivors go through in an age appropriate way. I am very grateful to have had the support system of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation at such a crucial time in our lives.  I thank you all for your support.   🙂



3 Responses to Welcome Back (to School) – How AARBF helped one family get right back into the swing of things

  1. Chloe C. :D says:

    Elise must be very brave. I remember starting kindergarten with my burn and everybody asked me, what’s that thing? It must be difficult going from school no scars, and coming back to school with all of those scars. Good luck Elise! 😀 🙂 hope to see you at Champ Camp!!!

    • Jennifer Reyna Macias says:

      Thank You dearly Chloe…Elise will be joining the Champ Camp this Summer and she is very excited:)

  2. Chloe C. :D says:

    Yay!!! 😀 😀 I met her and Teyler on the MBA trip. I’ll be in Rancheros at camp and I’m happy that I’ll see her.

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